Stray bullet that struck house is warning sign

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The stray bullet that struck the home of Rich and Kelli Pettit, Chesterville Road, early Sunday afternoon, Aug. 19, should serve as a reminder that people must pay attention to their surroundings when firing weapons because those rounds don’t know any limitations and can go anywhere.

Kelli Gentrup-Pettit was standing in her driveway with daughter, Carli, talking with Jennifer Cutter and daughter, Ava, when they heard weapons firing in the distance. A stray bullet whizzed by them, and struck the picture window on the front of the log home. The .45 caliber bullet was recovered.


Swimming pool improvement proposal based on dry facts

To the baby pool!

No hold that thought. At least until the Lawrenceburg Board of Works conducts a work session Wednesday, Aug. 22, on a proposal for a new “splish-splash” park at the city swimming pool.

The approved version, and there is no reason to reject it, probably will come in under the original $1 million estimate, but regardless the pool needs the upgrades, and I can think of far worse ways to spend taxpayer or casino dollars.


No guns in schools

I am a resident of Bright. My husband and I have two children, one at North Dearborn Elementary and another entering kindergarten in 2019. I am an educated professional who works in Cincinnati and commutes home to Bright. We chose to raise our family in this area for several reasons - Sunman Dearborn Community School Corporation was our first choice.


Tootsie Roll Drive nets $8,371 for mentally disadvantaged people

The 41st Annual Community Campaign in behalf of the area’s mentally disadvantaged, conducted by the Msgr . William J . Kreis Council 1231 of the Knights of Columbus in Lawrenceburg netted $8, 371 for mentally disadvantaged people.

Providing a positive tone for this event prior to the drive was the official proclamation issued by Mayor Kelly Mollaun that designated May 11-12 as Taotsie Roll Weekend in Lawrenceburg.


Make them earn your vote

Make them work for re-election. You don’t owe anyone your vote.
Throughout Indiana, Republican incumbents are refusing to debate their Democrat challengers. Debates are a key part of campaigning. Educating voters where candidates stand on issues, and showing their ability to think quickly are essential to helping voters make choices in their own best interests. 


Thanks for car show help Dearborn County businesses

We had an exceptionally good car show this year in Rising Sun. The weather was great, and many people came out to show their cars and their support for the Shiner Pride Marching Band program.

This awesome event would not be possible without all of the hard work and dedication of many people. Thanks to all of our boosters who worked so hard before, during, and after the show to make it a success, both parents and kids. Without all of the help and support from all of the boosters, the show simply could not happen.


‘Come hell or high water’ is more than an expression

Remember the tiki barge that sank in April? The city is going to raise it from the ooze of the Ohio River come hell or high water.

Well, the high water part occurred in the spring, but the hell is coming right now from the Army Corps of Engineers.

The Corps wants the damn thing “out ’o the water” by Sept. 14, or the city loses its permit to host a river restaurant.

Read all about it on Page 1. Read all about the stink right here.


Doctrinaire “originalist” approach to Constitution is frightening

I am scared.  
Not so much by Judge Brett Kavanaugh personally but by the fact that his apparently doctrinaire “originalist” approach to the Constitution would, in conjunction with the other so-called conservative justices, un-anchor the Supreme Court further from realities of an American technological, multinational/multiethnic and pluralistic society which the Founders could never have imagined.  

I fret particularly about damage to Rowe vs. Wade.  (I am as morally-based pro-choice as anyone on the pro-life side is to their view.)  


A Mickey Mouse pursuit

I will be near Tampa Bay when you read this. It’s no great shakes weather wise. The temps are about the same as here this time of year, but our modest, little timeshare is “nestled” against the ocean, and you can catch an invigorating breeze in the wee hours.

I used “nestled” as a warning about how trite I can be when I’m in a hurry to get out of Mayberry. I need to vacate the premises, which is much more important to me than where we are headed, but this year we have a two-day side trip planned for Disney World.

So what?


Concealed Carry Reciprocity is dangerous

I support the Second Amendment, and I believe that each state should set its own requirements for carrying hidden, loaded guns in public.
Concealed Carry Reciprocity is a dangerous federal policy that would override Indiana’s state gun laws, and make our communities less safe by forcing Hoosiers to recognize the lowest standards for carrying a concealed, loaded handgun in public.
Indiana has rejected attempts to eliminate its own requirement for a license to carry a concealed handgun in public.



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