New LMU division set rates for Internet services

Lawrenceburg Municipal Utilities has set rates for the new LMU’s division, Whiskey City Utilities, which will provide residents and businesses Internet connectivity through high-speed fiber optics. Basic Wi-Fi will be free.
WCU is a stand-alone, rate-based utility that will rely on sales of services it will provide to support its  operational, maintenance, replacement costs, said General Manager Olin Clawson.
Calling the new service among the best in the nation at extremely affordable prices, Clawson said WCU will provide the highest quality connectivity possible by today’s standards.
“WCU will have the distinction of being the only FTTH network available to residential customers, within the Lawrenceburg city limits,” said Clawson.
 FTTH uses optical fiber from a central point directly to individual buildings, including residences, apartment buildings and businesses to provide unprecedented high-speed Internet access, he said.
“This may be the most difficult, but easily the most rewarding, project I’ve had the opportunity to work on. WCU will provide our community with the fastest Internet speeds available anywhere in the world, and will do so with the same care, concern and responsiveness, that our customers have come to know and appreciate us for,” said Clawson.
“We presented a very lofty goal to Mayor Mollaun and the Utility Service Board, and they backed us at every turn. Mayor Mollaun and the rest of the USB members - Paul Seymour, Randy Abner, Aaron Cook, Mel Davis and Tony Abbott - all trusted in my staff and I, that we could do what only a very small number of other municipal utilities have done. They allowed us to build a gold standard FTTH and Data Center Utility. With this comes a tremendous asset for anyone living or working in Lawrenceburg.”
WCU soon will commission its newly constructed Data Center, made possible through a loan from LMU’s electric division. The loan was approved by the USB at a rate of 4 percent interest over five years.
WCU now will start enrolling customers for its FTTH network. The approved rates are introductory made available to anyone who signs up for services between now and Jan. 1, 2019. A two-year contract will apply to Gbps FTTH, said Clawson.
High-speed Wi-Fi services also will be available as a paid service.


Introductory rates
•Wi-Fi: free
•20 Mpbs: $19.99
•100 Mpbs: $54.99
•1 Gpbs: $74.99

Business Class
•50 Mpbs: $59.95
•100 Mpbs: $74.95
•500 Mpbs: $99.95
•1 Gpbs: $149.99

Dedicated Internet Access
•Negotiated pricing